Current Projects

Empowering Women and Youth through Vocational Skills Training Project

Empowering Women and Youth through Vocational Skills Training Project (EWeYVOST): Vocational skills training is one of the best strategies to equip people with employable knowledge and skills and also away of equipping people with skills of innovation and creativity. It’s a strategy that helps people to not only get employed but also to be in position to identify opportunities and ...

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Youth Empowerment Program (YEP)

YEP project empowers rural community youth in different social and economic aspects. It is an ongoing program that trains the rural school dropout youth in modern agriculture and other entrepreneurship skills. This project is operating in Mbarara District-south western Uganda and targeting youth aged 18-35. So far the program has trained 418 youth in modern agricultural techniques, record keeping, money ...

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Project Management Skills for Primary and Secondary School Teachers and Administrators (PMASPAST-Project)

The one year project aimed at delivering project management skills training to primary and secondary school teachers and administrators in Mbarara District-South Western Uganda. The ultimate purpose was to enable the teachers and administrators to possess knowledge and skills in project management such that they can transfer the same knowledge and skills to their students through integrating project management learning ...

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